Well, OK Then...


At one time this was going to become a sort of online OK History Textbook, replete with primary sources. That no longer seems... likely.

It's still growing, however, so anything is possible. In the meantime, "Well, OK Then..." is a collection of Blue Cereal articles about Oklahoma History and related topics, and Primary Sources related to Oklahoma History formatted for potential use in class. To the best of my knowledge, I haven't violated any sincere copyrights or whatever - and none of this is for sale or publication. It's just history stuff to help us teach kids, and maybe ourselves a bit along the way.

You are welcome to use anything here - that is, after all, the whole point - as long as you keep in mind the part where none of this is compiled for anyone else to sell or distribute either. Most of the primary sources included are edited and formatted for classroom use and have a Printable PDF attached. For that matter, so do some of the other things, because why not?

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