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Big History BookI’m a sucker for most history. Some areas I certainly know better than others, but it's been my experience that once you begin focusing on just about anything, from anywhere, in any time period, you start to realize just how fascinating and strangely important it all is.

Not everyone, it turns out, feels the same way. Sometimes you're just trying to get through a class or brush up on the basics in order to move on to something else. You need to know stuff even though you don't particularly want to - and you need to know it now.

That's the inspiration for "Have To" History. Here's where you'll find my best attempt at concise explanations of some of the most common "have to" stuff in U.S. and World History. Each page highlights the most important things you need to know about the subject in the title, then offers you some context and maybe a few details of interest in hopes it will help you process the information more meaningfully. Many conclude with one or two slightly less obvious bits you can throw in if you're trying extra hard to impress your instructor without actually DOING the work (which would no doubt also impress your instructor, should you so choose).

Let me know if you have comments or questions: BCE@BlueCerealEducation.com.

"Have To" History - American History Home Page

"Have To" History - World History Home Page

"Have To" History - Supreme Court Cases

I'm currently working on a third volume which will focus on two dozen of the most boring-sounding things in American History which nevertheless keep showing up on state standards, APUSH course descriptions, and your teacher's classroom tests and quizzes. (Bessemer Process, here we come!)

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