The Blue Cereal Podcast For New (Or Reviving) Teachers

Recording TechWell, my #11FF, I decided to record a few podcasts for new (or reviving) educators. This seems like a wonderful idea because I lack the proper equipment, there are dozens of excellent education podcasts out there already, I have nothing to sell, and this year is so weird it's hard to know how to prepare for it anyway.

In other words, why not?

If you're looking for polished rhetoric or witty repartee, book recommendations or big education words, you're a tiny bit out of luck this time around. If your'e looking for the truth about teaching and how to survive it, on the other hand... welcome to the Eleven Faithful Followers. You are home.

Episode #1: Everything Is Weird (Roll With It)


Episode #2: Of Grades & Grading (You're Doing It Wrong)



Real insight from a teacher who is obviously still "in the trenches." Blue Cereal is fun AND insightful!


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